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Why Tap into the Feminine?

~ Laura Rubinstein Pearson

Many people have asked me to define “feminine.” For years, my answer to this question was that each person has their own definition of what feminine means to them. This still holds true. Every woman’s feminine essence is unique. Therefore, as each woman consciously explores her inner feminine terrain, she will create her own definition of what feminine means to her.

When I first started hearing about feminine energy, I could not relate to it. My conception of the feminine was Laura Ashley frilly flowery stuff. Up until that time, I had an aversion to such things. So, I determined that because I didn’t like frilly, I must not be a feminine woman. I am here to tell you that the more I explored feminine energy, the more I realized how extraordinarily feminine I was. And it didn’t mean that I had to like flowery stuff either. I also learned how powerful the feminine is. As it turns out, I also discovered there are certain flower patterns I do like. The discovery and further exploration of the feminine has been a delightful and sometimes dissonant dance. And it is the most worthwhile journey there is. For once you tap into this energy source, you will know without a shadow of a doubt that the power you have accessed is greater than any circumstance, health challenge or difficult relationships. For your feminine essence is the greatest healer, manifesting magnet, lover, and source of inner strength you have.

Women today are in need of connecting to their feminine energy more. Most of our day is spent in masculine energy. When we are immersed in accomplishing, getting things done, figuring things out logically, analyzing situations and problem solving we are using masculine energy. Women are burnt out, stressed out and getting sick at unprecedented rates. If you are on the go constantly and have little time for nurturing yourself, my guess is you are on masculine energy overload. If you don’t balance this energy out you’re at risk. Heart disease in women is at an all time high. I believe it’s because we are not nurturing ourselves and spending time in feminine energy. I recommend a good dose of feminine energy daily if at all possible.

So what is feminine energy? After 17 years I now have an analogy for the essence of feminine energy. See if you can relate to or get this:

The feminine is like fire. It can be warm and create an intimate atmosphere. It creates light and produces heat. It is a powerful energy. It is transformative, turns solid into liquid, raw into cooked – a state-changer. You’ve heard the term “she melted my heart.” Often it is associated with magic – turning dark spaces into light. It can be dangerous, it can be mesmerizing and luring, it can burn, destroy, it can be sacred and revered. When mishandled or misunderstood it can rage out of control. When focused, honored, given conscious attention and channeled appropriately, it can be a divine healing connecting force. This is the power of the feminine.

I encourage you to discover the feminine energy within you and spend time with it. In order to do this you must find ways to nurture yourself that cause you to slow down. Yes, I am inviting you to take time, say “no” to some to do’s and/or obligations. Slow down and say “yes” to you. It’s truly the quickest way to access your feminine essence. Even if it’s reading your favorite magazine on the couch for an hour, you must slow yourself down. If you need help or ideas on how to get into feminine energy, check out the Feminine Power Cards (available at http://www.FemininePowerCards.com). You cannot explore the feminine at a fast pace. You will miss this subtle energy. You will find, however, as you slow things down, you will gain a perspective on what’s truly important and make more of the time you have. Our world needs healing and slowing things down; tapping into your feminine plays a critical role in this process.

~ Laura Rubinstein

Laura Rubinstein, Certified Hypnotherapist and Master Leadership Coach and founder of http://www.womeninjoy.com inspires women through her group presentations and tools to create joy in their lives and harmony and passion in their relationships. For relationship enrichment nuggets and a free copy of Coach Laura’s Relationship Transformation Starter Kit visit http://www.WomenInJoyClub.com.

© Copyright 2009 Transform Today. Reprinted with permission.

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