Sing away your fears!

by Patrice on January 31, 2015

“We work hard to find clarity and to set clear
intentions. However, sometimes when what we want
actually shows up, fear sets in and … we block
what we desire before it has a chance to manifest
because we don’t believe we are worthy of it or
that it is even possible.” – Sandra Kunz

I have a confession to make: I have adopted the
song, ‘Let it go’ from the movie ‘Frozen’ as my

Gawd no!!! I can hear the screams of all you
grandmothers and mothers of young children who
despise that song, having heard it thousands of

But for me (not one of the above), the lyrics nail
the attitude I most need right now.

You see, I am creating a new business of my own —
a really big deal for me.

So true to form, my deep commitment to this new
vision is bringing up old, persistent voices of
doubt and fear.

“This won’t work” and “Come on… this is not what
you’re supposed to be doing!” and “You’re not a
businesswoman – who are you trying to kid?” These
voices totally sidelined me this week.

I know these are simply old habits of thinking
that are not true.

I know they are coming up to be consciously seen
so they can be released. So I can be free of them,
free to move forward confidently.

I know this is exactly what needs to happen to
usher in success…

So let them go!!!

Hey, isn’t there a song about that?

And I was off. Music can so powerfully stir the
courage of the heart to banish the mind’s fears.

And there’s even a free video on Youtube! Thank
you, Disney!

I can join Elsa in tossing away her demons and
easily and naturally allowing her innate
creativity to manifest the most beautiful new home
for herself.

I’m hooked… and grateful. And moving forward
once again.

“When you have confidence, you can have a lot of
fun. And when you have fun, you can do amazing
things.” — Joe Namath


The best New Year’s resolution

by Patrice on January 13, 2015

“My New Year’s Resolution List usually starts with
the desire to lose between ten and three thousand
pounds.” — Nia Vardalos

Happy New Year to you all!

Did you get caught up in the ‘start fresh’ spirit
of the new year and resolve to finally… dust off
those running shoes? Limit your Facebook time?
And, of course, stop eating?

If so, how’s it going?

If you’ve already forgotten that you even made a
resolution or two, don’t fret. We all do it. The
success rate for New Year’s resolutions is

Why is this? If resolutions are that hard to do,
maybe there’s something faulty with the process.

Wayne Dyer thinks so. He claims that any
resolution that involves making decisions about
how you’re going to behave in the future is a
waste of time.

He argues (and I SO agree) that we can only exist
now. So let’s limit our focus to how we can live
each day to the fullest.

Dyer urges setting goals for each day, but I have
an even simpler idea.

One goal only: Love yourself just the way you are,
no matter what.

Trash the whole notion of fixing yourself up.

Make peace with yourself. Become your ultimate
best friend and love yourself unconditionally.

Imagine doing this – right now. Can you feel the
relief this brings?

When we throw our inner critic from our shoulders,
we lighten up so much we can fly.

~ Patrice

“When I loved myself enough, I began leaving
whatever wasn’t healthy. This meant people, jobs,
my own beliefs and habits — anything that kept me
small.” — Kim McMillen


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